Speech Technology eWeekly - October 31, 2018


Technology Helps Solve Educational Dilemmas

Whether a student is hard of hearing or a foreign-language speaker, speech technologies can help make the classroom more accessible for everyone.

Case Studies

NWEA: Speech Recognition Technology Evaluates Out-Loud Reading for Students

The NWEA sought a way to streamline oral evaluations to save school districts time and money while still ensuring students are on track.

Speech Technology News

CallMiner Updates Real-Time Speech Analytics Platform

Eureka Alert provides next-generation automated monitoring, redaction, and alerting.

Chatmeter Unveils New Research on Voice Engine Optimization

Data pinpoints where national brands can leverage voice tech to drive local sales and offline traffic.

Marchex Launches New MIND Innovation Lab

Marchex launches the Marchex Innovation Development (MIND) Lab.

Explosive IoT Growth Slowed by Early Adopter Paradox

Extensive multi-year F-Secure consumer survey finds the consumers most excited about connected home devices are also most aware of the privacy risks.

Nearly Two-Thirds of People Don't Depend on IoT Devices For Their Everyday Lives

Smart home appliances are most popular connected devices, but less than 10% of people access the same application using multiple connected devices, according to a new survey.

Industry Voices

How the Millennial Workforce is Changing Customer Care (Video)

Convergys VP, Market & Product Strategy Allyson Boudousquie discusses the impact of a rising millennial workforce on CX in this clip from SpeechTEK 2018.

Trending in 2019: Voice Technology and Customer Experience

As we get ready to launch into the new year, we see four over-arching trends driving voice technology and improved customer experience.