Speech Technology eWeekly - December 04, 2007


Gaining Control Over All Aspects of the Call Center

Unified Command and Control (UCC) from Aspect Software centralizes reporting, routing, administration, and workflow management in a single console capable of handling 40,000 agents within a single site or across multiple locations.

Speech Solutions

Voice Biometrics

Voice biometric solutions qualify the speaker's identity, essentially adding another countermeasure to combat identity thieves. In so doing, voice biometrics improve contact center efficiency by reducing call time.

Speech Technology News

Apptera Selects Envox OnDemand to Host Contact Center Solution

Apptera, a provider of technology for mobile advertising, search and commerce, has selected the Envox OnDemand hosted contact center voice solution to power its "In-Call" solutions.

Verint Takes a 360-Degree Approach to Workforce Management

Further updating and enhancing its current workforce optimization (WO) and quality management (QM) systems, Verint Systems today released its Impact 360 application.

NEC Puts Speech-to-Text Translation on Cell Phone

Pilot with Japanese-to-English technology is the first on a cell phone that didn't require external help.

AssistMed Adds Voice Security Layer to Medical Services

AssistMed, a Los Angeles-based IT company that provides solutions for physicians and healthcare organizations, has added VoiceVault's Caller Authentication service to its DictAide product.

Forward Thinking

Speech Recognition for the Warehouse Comes of Age

SR is seen as a critical tool for enhancing worker safety and productivity and improving the bottom line.