Speech Technology eWeekly - February 13, 2019


The 2019 State of Intelligent Virtual Assistants

Accuracy rates rise and quality improves

Editor's Letter

Housekeeping and Homework for 2019

There's no doubt we'll have plenty to talk about in the year to come

Speech Technology News

27% of People Own a Virtual Assistant and Mostly Use Them to Play Music, According to Survey

Clutch survey delves into virtual assistant ownership and usage.

Marchex’s AI-Powered Speech Analytics Approaches Human Levels of Accuracy in Consumer to Business Conversations

Driven by investments in data science and deep learning technology, Marchex delivers insights on customer conversations.

AppTek Announces New U.S. Patent for Automatic Speech Recognition of Keywords

AppTek says innovative technology enables faster, easier, and more accurate real-time listening.

Contact Centers Rapidly Abandoning On-Premises Technologies According to Survey

Nine out of ten respondents plan to move from on-premises to Cloud/Cloud Evaluation. Three in ten contact centers have already transitioned to the cloud.

Google Announces Audio Accessibility Apps

In a blog post, Google announced two new apps aimed at audio accessibility for the hearing impaired. Live Transcribe and Sound Amplifier are available now.

Telestream To Unveil New Cloud Media Processing Products, Including Live Captioning

Uniquely positioned to help media organizations address rising costs and quality issues for multi-platform, multi-versioned content distribution wherever media resides.

Industry Voices

Tailoring Your SEO Strategy for Different Virtual Assistants

Optimizing your content for voice search isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. Surfacing your content for Siri, Google, and Alexa are very separate challenges.