Speech Technology eWeekly - May 01, 2019


Speech Technology Magazine's People's Choice Awards 2019

The results of Speech Technology Magazine's People's Choice Awards voting are finally here. The people have spoken.

Speech Technology News

SpeechTEK 2019: Voice in the Newsroom

"We don't have solutions yet, but we have the roadmap on how we're going to get to the solutions," says Navya Nayaki Yelloji, product manager of voice platforms at Gannett.

SpeechTEK 2019: Diagnosing Brain Injuries with Speech Technology

There are 10,000 concussions diagnosed every day, according to Darius Ferdows, CEO of Mindsquare. Ferdows spoke to the crowd at SpeechTEK 2019 in his breakout session about "Using Speech Technology to Understand Brain Injuries."

Marchex Launches Real-Time Sales Rescue Solution for Businesses

Marchex sales rescue enables businesses to increase revenue and improve customer experience by systematically recovering missed opportunities as they happen.

Audioburst Announces $10 Million Investment

Audioburst announced two new strategic and investment partnerships totaling over $10 million from Dentsu Inc. and Hyundai Motor Company in conjunction with existing investors.

Industry Voices

4 Reasons Why Purchasing with Voice is the Future

Explore four consumer trends that are driving the growth of voice intelligence in point of sale platforms.