SpeechTEK 2019: Diagnosing Brain Injuries with Speech Technology

There are 10,000 concussions diagnosed every day, according to Darius Ferdows, CEO of Mindsquare. Ferdows spoke to the crowd at SpeechTEK 2019 in his breakout session about "Using Speech Technology to Understand Brain Injuries." On football fields and other sporting events across the country, Mindsquare's app is using AppTek's speech recognition software to help trainers, coaches, and even doctors diagnose brain injuries more accurately--preventing injured players from being put back into the game too early. 

Mindsquare uses balance, memory, visual, and speech assessments to diagnose brain injuries on the spot, all from an app on your smartphone. Ferdows says the technology reduces the number of doctor visits and can help alleviate worries about liability. 

And it's not just concussions that Mindsquare is helping to diagnose. Degenerative diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimers are also on Mindsquare's radar. 

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