Speech Technology eWeekly - June 12, 2019


Five Tips for Managing Voice Data in the GDPR Era

As the UK 's Information Commissioner's Office orders the nation's tax authority to delete 5 million voice recordings under GDPR, we offer 5 tips for staying out of trouble with privacy regulators.

Speech Analytics Aids Customer Relationships

Contact centers are increasingly relying on speech for a combination of agent training, enhancing customer relationships, and improving product quality, as speech experts discussed at the recent Verint Engage19 conference.

Ethics and Algorithms—Exploring the Implications of AI

Concerns have been voiced about how AI and speech technologies are now being used, but solutions are not clear-cut

Speech Technology News

Transcription Platform Brings Entire Workflow to Mobile

The web-based transcription software platform, WebChartMD, announced its new mobile dictation and transcription platform.

LabTwin’s AI-powered Digital Assistant Now Talks Back and Connects Data Sources in the Lab with New Open API

LabTwin launches new data connectivity and "talk back" features to enable real-time data capture for scientists.

IPS Introduces Advanced Data Analytics with Voice Assist Feature

Redesigned, feature-rich back office system helps customers better manage and interpret their Smart Parking with the power of Voice.

CognitiveScale Expands Relationship with Microsoft through Deeper Product Integration

CognitiveScale Cortex now live on Microsoft Azure Marketplace lets enterprises build AI projects on its open and extensible platform--reducing build time by 65%.