Speech Technology eWeekly - June 10, 2020

Speech Technology News

COVID-19 Spurred Demand for Conversational AI

ABI Research says cloud-based artificial intelligence was of critical importance during the coronavirus pandemic.

Bamboo Luminaries Voice-Interaction Game Available on Google and Android Devices

Bamboo Learning has brought its "Bamboo Luminaries" voice application with incorporated images and text to more than 1 billion devices in more than 80 countries.

Five9 Launches Five9 Virtual Assistant

Five9 partnered with Inference Solutions to launch its AI-powered intelligent virtual assistant for contact centers. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)

Nuance Gatekeeper Adds Special Protections for Seniors

New capabilities in Nuance Gatekeeper let companies identify seniors by their voices and get them priority service.

Deepgram Partners with In Q-Tel

Deepgram's strategic investment deal with IQT enables it to bring its speech recognition and transcription technology to U.S. government agencies.

ProKNX Launches Pratglad, an Offline Voice-Controlled Smart Home Assistant

Pratglad by ProKNX is an offline voice control system for smart homes that respects consumers' priovacy.


Encountering a Technical Problem? You Too Can Be a Standards Author

Your brilliant new idea might just end up becoming a popular solution

Industry Voices

Speech Technology Has a Place in Ed Tech and English Language Learning

Technology advances in speech recognition, pronunciation error detection, and speech scoring can make a huge difference in how students learn the English language.