Speech Technology eWeekly - November 04, 2020


Curbing Speech Data Overreach

More regulation is needed to protect voice data privacy and security, experts agree

Speech Technology News

Wooask Launches S01 AI Voice Recorder

Wooask's S01 voice recorder offers translation and transcription in 134 languages.

Aculab Updates VoiSentry

VoiSentry extends functionality with improvements to presentation attack detection, verification/identification algorithms, and more.

Hypersonix Launches Conversational Mobile App

Hypersonix is delivering a conversational artificial intelligence-based analytics and business intelligence mobile app.

Baidu Launches Xiaodu Smart Display X10 and Upgraded XiaoduPods

Baidu's smart display and smart earbuds feature additional voice capabilities, like voice commands and speech-to-text transcription.

The VoiceXML Forum Launches Grant Program

The VoiceXML Forum will award two $25,000 grants to individuals or groups developing voice technology or standards.

Germany’s Federal Ministry of Health Awards HYKIST Speech Project to AppTek

AppTek will lend its artificial intelligence-driven automatic speech translation technology to the federal project to improve doctor-patient communications.

Starkey and OrCam Partner on Assistive Technology

OrCam's MyEye devices are integrated with Starkey's hearing aids to bring audio descriptions to life.

Industry Voices

Speech Recognition Just Got Supercharged

Advances in artificial language are making speech recognition a cost-saver, revenue-booster, and satisfaction-raiser.