Speech Technology eWeekly - February 24, 2021


The State of Speech Engines

Developments come fast in a rapidly changing environment

Speech Technology News

Voices.com Declares 2021 The Year of Voice

Voices.com anticipates a digital audio revolution this year.

HONK Launches Voice-Enabled Driver Roadside Assistance App

Driver Technologies has selected HONK for a co-branded roadside assistance solution.

HandsFree Health Adds Voice to Its Smartwatch

HandsFree Health is integrating its voice-enabled WellBe Health Assistant into its personal emergency response device.

AT&T Business Adds Dubber Unified Call Recording (UCR) and Voice AI

Dubber is launching Unified Call Recording and Voice AI on AT&T IP Toll-Free Network, AT&T Hosted Voice Service, and Cisco Webex Calling with AT&T Business in the United States.

CyberTwice and Contexta360 Partner on Microsoft Teams Compliance Recording and Speech Analytics

The technology partnership will provide call and video recording and advanced speech and chat analytics for compliance and call summary automation.

Sanyo Electric Railway Adopts ReadSpeaker TTS

Sanyo Electric Railway is using ReadSpeaker as the voice of its onboard train announcement system.