Speech Technology eWeekly - April 14, 2021

Editor's Letter

Speech Is Up for Any Challenge

As consumers' interactions shifted to digital channels, voice has become the interface of choice for many of those interactions.

Speech Technology News

Microsoft Acquires Nuance in $19.7 Billion Deal

Microsoft will incorporate Nuance's technology in its cloud products for health care.

IVA Market to Reach $44.2 Billion by 2027, Valuates Reports

Valuates anticipates 37.7 percent annual compounded growth for the intelligent virtual assistant market for the next six years.

Cyara Launches Call Explorer

Cyara Call Explorer is an automated platform for building and executing IVR test scripts.

Nemesysco and Lomonosov Moscow State University Expand Research on Applications of Voice Analytics

A Russian company saved hundreds of thousands of dollars on misapplied promotions by applying Nemesysco's research on personality assessments to its corporate restructuring.

Booka Launches Read-to-Me Feature

E-book subscription service provider Booka is offering a service that allows children to listen to any book.

NVIDIA Launches Jarvis Interactive Conversational AI Framework

Jarvis Interactive Conversational AI Framework's pre-trained deep learning models and software tools enable developers to adapt Jarvis to specific industries.