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BUSINESS PROBLEM: While text search has proliferated, the ability to find specific content in audio and videofiles lags behind. Information contained in multimedia files often goes neglected simply because search efforts,such as tagging, aren’t particularly thorough or efficient.

TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION : Audio Search and Mining

Product: CallMiner Eureka!
Delivery method: Installed software.
Pricing: Varies, depending on functionality and configurations.
Functionality: CallMiner Eureka! automatically analyzes 100 percent of every single customer interactionin the call center, identifies pertinent information from those calls, and organizes the results. CallMiner Eureka! uncovers the content, context, and meaning of recorded conversations, including acoustic and metadata information such as who is talking, when words are said in relation to other words (temporal awareness), silence, tempo (rate of speech, emphasis), and stress.
Business benefits: By discovering why customers call and how agents respond, CallMiner Eureka! enables organizations to improve customer service, maximize sales, measure marketing effectiveness, and optimize agent performance.
Contact: CallMiner at 1-239-689-6463, www.callminer.com

Product : Critical Radio
Delivery method: Web-based program, either as an add-on to Critical Mention’s TV monitoring service or as a stand-alone offering.
Pricing: Sold on a yearly subscription basis between $500 and $1,000 a month, based on functionality and configurations.
Functionality: The integration of live broadcasts with speech-to-text technology facilitates public relations and corporate communications efforts, and allows marketing and news professionals to stay at the top of their games by getting constant alerts from a variety of radio stations and nationally syndicated broadcasts. The offering is fully integrated with Critical Mention’s Real-Time TV monitoring platform, and complements the existing Critical Radio solution that includes Daily Radio Monitoring Reports from the nation’s Top-40 broadcasts and
scheduled recordings, and on-demand tracking of specific audio clips from the nation’s 2,500 stations. Results also can be delivered as XML feeds for integration into third-party platforms, including Cymfony, Vocus, Biz360, and Lone Buffalo.
Business benefits: Critical Radio allows users to mine information from radio news in real time. There’s also a real-time alert function that notifies users ofcritical events as they happen.
Contact: Critical Mention at 1-212-398-1141, www.criticalmention.com

Product: Everyzing
Delivery method: Online search engine, also available as a hosted solution.
Pricing: Free to use for the online version. The hosted service operates on a revenue-sharing basis or on a capacity-licensing model.
Functionality: An audio and video search engine, Everyzing extracts a full text output from online multimedia files. The engine also features a "snippet" navigation interface, which enables users to navigate within multimedia files. Additionally, users can browse via categories, such as sports, food and cooking, YouTube videos, or finance, and can search for audio, video, or both.
Business benefits: By making all forms of online media searchable, Everyzing, formerly known as Podzinger, brings new options to the world of contextual advertising.
Contact: Everyzing at 1-617-499-4500, www.everyzing.com

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