2023 State of the Speech Technology Industry

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If there was a watchword for 2022, it was uncertainty. Was COVID still a pandemic, or was it now endemic? Would the efforts to combat inflation lead to a recession or the fabled soft landing? The jury is still out to some degree on these and other questions, but thankfully speech technology continues to move forward. Advances in artificial intelligence are enriching every corner of the industry, which is continuing to attract significant investment and see uses proliferate, especially in financial services, where biometrics is helping to keep customer information safe and secure, and healthcare, where speech analytics could lead to diagnostic breakthroughs. The challenge (and opportunity) for speech developers now is to establish standards that will enable, among other things, intelligent virtual assistants to communicate and collaborate. In our annual report on the state of the industry, we explore these and other developments that ensure the future remains as exciting as it is unpredictable. Click on the links below for the latest news and trends in seven important industry sectors.

The State of Speech Engines

The State of Speech Development Platforms

The State of Speech Analytics

The State of Intelligent Virtual Assistants

The State of Voice Biometrics

The State of Assistive Technology

The State of Artificial Intelligence

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