HarQen Releases Symposia, a System to Capture Conversation Highlights

HarQen this week unveiled Symposia, a new cloud-based offering that dynamically transforms any conversation into an interactive synopsis that lives long after the conference call, meeting, webinar or presentation has ended.

With Symposia, organizations can capture and enrich conversations so greater insight can be retained and shared.

"The amount of information lost in our daily business exchanges is truly extraordinary," said HarQen CEO E. Kelly Fitzsimmons. "By not capturing conversations in a trusted system, we are asking people to memorize all their conversations and then recall them accurately in an instant.  No wonder we feel increasingly overwhelmed by communications today."

HarQen Symposia converts conversations – in all their forms and languages – into searchable, referenceable and actionable insights. Initially, Symposia will be focused on use cases for sales-related presentations, customer-service exchanges and account status calls.  

HarQen is integrating Symposia into key customer relationship management systems (CRMs), such as Salesforce.com, leveraging their privacy and security features.

Symposia allows conversations to be captured as they occur, both visually and aurally, and then enriched collaboratively with notes, tags or uploaded imagery via Smartphones, using classic social media conventions. With this approach, participants can organize the content around key ideas, themes, or action items so the key information is always accessible and sharable.

"Prior efforts to isolate phrases and assign meaning largely missed the boat," said Dan Miller, senior analyst at Opus Research. "Context, sentiment and much of the meaning is distilled out of conversations when voice is rendered as text and then subjected to analysis according to static business rules,. Even with state-of-the-art recording and analytics, there is no timely way for people to find and share what they found to be the most important parts of ongoing interactions."

Symposia unleashes the wealth of information trapped within conversations by allowing users to do the following:

  • Capture on-the-fly conversations via voice, tags, and images from smartphones;
  • Enrich meetings with dynamic collaborative content;
  • Organize sales calls within CRM solutions and review unfiltered customer reactions;
  • Navigate in any language with multiple ways to find key information anytime, anywhere;
  • Share insightful exchanges via existing data management systems using HarQen's API; and
  • Analyze what webinar attendees find important and share in real time.

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