Nortel Offers Targeted Solutions for SMBs

Nortel today introduced a new campaign, offering things like integrated voice and data, mobility, and unified messaging, all built specifically for small and medium-sized businesses.

The program, called My Business, will officially begin in the United States and Canada in mid-May and provides SMBs with a full complement of starter kits for IP telephony; networking through a wireless local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), or virtual private network (VPN); enterprise-class switching; security; and more. My Business packages will also enable SMBs to adopt IP phones on their own timetable with VoIP Gateway Trunking software that will support hybrid IP/TDM environments.

Also included are training, installation, operations, administration, maintenance, and technical support services. New capabilities, like call routing based on employee skills, and built-in productivity applications, like unified messaging, will help boost customer productivity.

Through the program, Nortel's sales and distribution partners can offer SMBs custom configurations with promotions and incentives, as well as enhanced IP telephony and data packaged solutions supporting up to 50 users. Also available are an online SMB Quote Builder, to simplify the ordering process; a new web-based SMB Coach Tool for on-demand solution proposals; flexible service options; and a comprehensive suite of demand-generation initiatives, marketing tools, and training programs.

The goal of the campaign is to "prepare SMBs for the productivity gains that are possible with unified communications," says Michael Segura, director of SMB and data marketing programs at Nortel.

Nortel's new campaign addresses the challenges faced by today's SMB customers, who are more limited in their resources. But despite their size, they still need to communicate on time and effectively with their business partners, customers and employees, Segura maintains.

According to Nortel's own research, about 60 percent of SMBs are looking to integrate IP telephony into their operations in the next two years, and this campaign will "make it easier to adopt and limit the risk associated with it," Segura says.

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