Survey Supports Impact of Customer Service Call Centers on Business Success

Results of a global consumer survey, announced by Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, illustrate the high level of frustration consumers feel when dealing with poorly operated customer service call centers.

The survey, which elicited 2,367 responses from around the globe, proves that consumers identify call center agents as the "face" of a company and base their purchasing and loyalty decisions on the quality of service they receive more than on any other company or product attribute. In fact, more than half of the consumers surveyed have stopped doing business with a company due to a negative call center experience.

There is good news, however, for companies that get it right - 76% of consumers stated they would buy from a company based on a positive call center experience. "This survey validates the critical role that call centers play in a successful business strategy," said Genesys CEO Ad Nederlof. "Genesys' customers who have implemented best practices in their call centers have reaped the rewards not only of improved operational efficiencies and lower costs, but also of more satisfied customers and repeat business."

In addition to the direct impact consumers' call center experiences have on a company's revenue potential, the survey results illustrate the influence call centers have on a company's brand. Eighty percent of consumers said customer service representatives have a significant or major influence on their opinion of a company.

\When asked about what makes them loyal to a company, the majority of consumers (56 percent) responded that "good service" is the most important criteria, distantly followed by "good product" at 28 percent, "good price" at 7 percent, and "trusted brand" at 3 percent.

 Interestingly, while good service ranked as the leading factor in determining consumer loyalty, a full 85 percent of respondents said they have had a negative call center experience.

This survey should be seen as a call to action for businesses," said Nederlof. "Frustrated customers directly impact a company's revenue, market share and reputation. Doing something as simple as delivering personalized service and providing answers on the first call will not only result in more satisfied customers and greater revenue opportunities, but also in a differentiated brand and the subsequent competitive advantage it brings."

"Genesys has documented the critical link between customer service and business success," said Dr. Jon Anton, director of benchmark research at Purdue University's Center for Customer-Driven Quality. "An efficient and well-run customer call center must be the priority not only of mid-level managers, but also of company executives. Competition, the economy and now customers are the driving force making a successful customer service strategy a vital part of a winning business plan."

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