Acapela Adds Two Swedish Voices

Mia and Kal are the newest Acapela voice personas, reflecting the speech commonly used in two regions in Sweden.

Acapela's brand new spokespeople provide regional voices that convey local variations in speech. The new voices speak in Swedish dialects Skånska and Göteborgska and embody the specificities of each dialect and sound authentic to the user.

"Acapela voice expertise is dedicated to bringing more sense, meaning, and emotion to synthesized speech and to accurately reproducing more accents, differences, and particular attributes to enhance the personality of synthesized voice. Getting the right accent, providing users with regional, local voices that they feel fully comfortable with are essential to the way Acapela Group looks at the use of voice in people's daily lives," said Lars-Erik Larsson, CEO of Acapela Group.

Mia and Kal have been created using Acapela Voice Factory.

The new Göteborgska and Skånska voices enrich the Acapela standard voice portfolio and widen its linguistic coverage of the Nordic region. Skånska, a regrouping of the dialects spoken by people living in the south of Sweden, and Göteborgska, spoken by people in the southwest part of Sweden (Gothenburg and its surroundings) are part of the almost 100 dialects used in the country.

With these latest additions, Acapela Group now offers 30 text-to-speech voices.

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