CallMiner Adds Web-Based Reporting and Analysis Capability to Its Speech Analytics Suite

FORT MYERS, Fla. - CallMiner Inc. released CallMiner Reportal, a Web-based reporting and analysis tool enabling the creation of ad-hoc and automated reports from within TrendMiner™ ™ and Tireless Supervisor™.  The CallMiner Reportal acts as a common interface and hub within the CallMiner Analytics Suite that publishes results generated from TrendMiner™ and Tireless Supervisor™.  The Reportal enables managers and executives in an organization to format speech analytics results into actionable information.

The CallMiner Reportal organizes and delivers results customized to the end-users requirements. The Reportal is integrated with CallMiner's Analytics Suite making information contained within calls available immediately. Using Reportal, end-users can construct analyses based on ad-hoc inquiries or use the tool to format an automated report.

CallMiner Reportal Features

  • CallMiner Reportal enables end users to create and view reports in different formats while using the Web-based viewer.  For example, reports can be output as Excel or PDF files, and then emailed.
  • Reportal employs scheduling options that enable users the ability to vary frequency of report delivery so analysts can zoom in on critical data metrics hourly, daily, monthly, etc.
  • CallMiner Reportal enables viewers to automate reporting based on user defined queries. Once a query is created, the user can save the query to run automatically.
  • Interactive reporting capability provides live call playback directly from data collected by the CallMiner player or the enterprise call recorder. The CallMiner Reportal links back to calls that appear in reports generated from TrendMiner™ and Tireless Supervisor™.
  • The report designer allows users to build and format results contained in any SQL database. CallMiner Reportal can be used on SQL databases to extract, format and report from the underlying data.
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