Foonz Free Group Messaging Offers Confirmed Delivery

A new service by Foonz, a unit of RPM Communications, allows anyone to leave voice messages for a group of people and confirm who heard it.

It is the first free, available-to-anyone voice messaging service to that can confirm delivery.

Anyone can set up a free account at and create their Foonz contact list. Then they can dial Foonz at any time, from any phone, to record a message for a group. Group members receive an immediate SMS, IM or email notification letting them know that a message is waiting for them. When they dial the number in the notification, they will hear the message and they can even record a response to the whole group. After leaving a message, the sender can log on to at any time to see who has listened to the message. There is no charge to use Foonz other than the normal cost of a call.

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