Mexican Bank Deploys Nuance Biometrics Solution

Nuance announced that Banco Santander Mexico has deployed Nuance's Vocal Password voice biometrics solution to replace PINs, passwords, and security questions in its automated phone system.

Nuance's voice biometrics solution is being used to securely and automatically confirm the identity of Santander customers—using just the sound of their voice. This is the first such customer-facing voice biometrics application in Mexico.

Santander, one of the top five banks in Mexico, has launched Nuance's VocalPassword solution so that customers calling in to the bank's phone system can simply speak to be authenticated, making the banking-by-phone process quick, secure, and convenient. Until very recently, Banco Santander Mexico's customers needed to remember passwords and PINs and often were forced to recall answers to security challenge questions to gain access to their accounts.

Now customers simply speak the phrase"At Banco Santander, my voice is my password" to be authenticated by their unique voiceprint when they call into Santander's interactive voice response (IVR) phone system. Since the introduction of Nuance VocalPassword at Banco Santander Mexico, more than 1.7 million customers have enrolled, and authentication success rates have doubled. Efforts to enroll a larger base of Santander's customers continue.

Data collected following Santander's deployment of voice biometrics shows that a majority of customers are pleased with the new voice biometrics authentication process. Most customers report finding voice biometrics easier and more secure than PIN-based authentication, and would recommendthe use of voice biometrics over PINs.

"As the first bank in Mexico to deploy a voice biometrics solution in this way, we are able to offer our customers the exceptional experience that they deserve," said Jose Ignacio Zorrilla, executive director for multichannel, Banco Santander Mexico, in a statement. "The ability for customers to use their voice to gain access to their accounts is an easy and natural process, allowing the first point of contact with our bank to be enjoyable and hassle-free."

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