Mutare Launches Single Delivery Voicemail Transcriptions for Avaya Systems

Mutare has released EVM Plus with giSTT speech-to-text, a single delivery voicemail transcription solution for Avaya Systems using Exchange Voicemail Storage.

With EVM Plus, enterprises that use Microsoft Exchange with Avaya Voicemail can now provide their customers with single message delivery containing speech-to-text transcription to improve work flow and respond faster to callers.

When using a native Avaya store for voicemail, EVM Plus copies the voice file, converts it to text with giSST, then creates an email message that is relayed by SMTP to the user's email inbox.

Customers who prefer to use Microsoft Exchange to store their voicemail usually have to go through the process of relaying copied messages, resulting in two emails for every voice message left, one of which contains just the original voice file and the second containing a copy of the voice file along with the text transcription. Mutare's EVM Plus omits the message relay function and directly appends the original message with the giSTT transcription.

EVM Plus' Exchange Impersonation account feature uses permissions associated with the user's account to access the audio file in the original email. EVM Plus then processes the audio information using giSTT speech-to-text service. Instead of relaying a new message, EVM Plus appends the original email message and inserts the text transcription into the message body.

If the user has already opened the original email containing the audio file, EVM Plus will alert the user that the message has been transcribed by inserting the word "transcribed" at the beginning of the message subject and mark the message unread. The entire process takes about two minutes.

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