Mutare Voicemail App Now Supports Microsoft Lync

Mutare’s EVM Plus unified messaging application now supports voicemail notification and message conversion to IM for Microsoft Lync users.

Earlier this year, Mutare announced the first ever application of unified messaging. This enables voicemail messages to be converted to text and sent to IM clients using the XMPP protocol. When combined with Lync’s ability to federate with XMPP IM systems, EVM Plus now can deliver voicemail directly to Lync users running the Microsoft client.

"Supporting industry standards and IM federation is an important aspect to Mutare's EVM Plus strategic platform strategy,” said Ben Crown, president of Mutare. "A big aspect of our value proposition is the ability to integrate legacy, current generation and next generation voicemail, email, IM, SMS, and CRM systems together to deliver transformative change without the need to rip and replace. Supporting technologies such as Lync, SameTime, and Google Talk are very important to our customers so they know that wherever their IT roadmaps take them, Mutare's solutions will ensure support of their business processes."

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