Nuance Introduces Dragon Medical Advisor

Nuance Communications has launched Dragon Medical Advisor, a next-generation computer-assisted physician documentation (CAPD) solution that automatically provides real-time quality feedback to physicians while they are documenting patient encounters.

Dragon Medical Advisor processes physician notes entered through speech or keyboard, analyzes the structured and unstructured documentation within the notes, and automatically provides physicians with clinical documentation improvement (CDI) recommendations based on industry best practices and guidelines.

Dragon Medical Advisor is a cloud-based solution that leverages the patented Nuance Clinical Language Understanding (CLU) technology. It can be deployed across any size healthcare enterprise and any electronic health record to help physicians create documentation at the point of care. Designed for both inpatient and ambulatory settings, Dragon Medical Advisor automatically recognizes when incomplete or unspecific information is entered and provides relevant advice on how to improve the quality of the note.

"Building on Nuance's extensive work with virtual assistants, Dragon Medical Advisor functions like a specialized medical virtual assistant for physicians," said Joe Petro, senior vice president of healthcare research and development at Nuance, in a statement. "It provides immediate feedback during clinical documentation and focuses on high-impact areas, such as congestive heart failure, where the lack of required specificity can negatively affect patient care, as well as coding and risk adjustment."

"Dragon Medical Advisor is a win for physicians because it provides immediate feedback on what to improve in clinical notes while they are still thinking about the patient instead of querying physicians to fix records for patients seen hours or days before," said Dr. Rizwan Pasha, an emergency room physician at Kettering Health and co-founder of Physician Technology Partners, in a statement. "This real-time guidance is also a win for organizations that need CDI starting with physician documentation to achieve the appropriate level of reimbursement without disrupting clinical care."

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