Paraxip Technologies to Provide Network Connectivity for First Data's 2Way-Connect Service

Paraxip Technologies and First Data Voice Services have partnered in the deployment of the Paraxip Gateway product to enable network connectivity for First Data's next-generation voice notification services platform.


The Paraxip Gateway is a software solution, based on off-the-shelf hardware components, allowing SIP-based platforms and applications in the Contact Center and IVR markets to connect into the Public Switched Telephone Network. The Paraxip Gateway is a key component supporting First Data Voice Services' 2Way-Connect, a notification service that delivers event-driven customer notification and response capabilities.

FDVS offers a hosted IVR solution including professional services such as application design and development, systems and Web integration, and a range of existing industry applications.   2Way-Connect, is FDVD's outbound voice notification solution used for marketing, collections, and fraud management applications. First Data's voice notification services infrastructure leverages the following elements of the Paraxip product:  

  • Call Progress Analysis - With this capability, the Paraxip Gateway offers coverage of progress tones and answering machine/voicemail detection.
  • Right-on-Cue feature - With this feature, the Paraxip Gateway allows the detection of the end of a voicemail greeting for the delivery of voicemail messages.  
  • Open Protocol Translation - This feature provides SIP platforms with transparent access to traditional telephony network and protocols.

Paraxip's products have been in production at First Data Voice Services since November 2006, supporting continued growth of the 2Way-Connect product.

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