Sundown Launches Artificial Intelligence App Chloe for Magento

Sundown AI has integrated Chloe, a voice-driven artificial intelligence platform, with Magento, a provider of cloud digital commerce innovations. Chloe provides a voice-powered interface for Magento Online Stores. Chloe AI can be found in the Magento marketplace.

With Chloe, Magento website visitors can now get immediate assistance to their product or service questions directly from their smartphones. Website visitors can pose their questions using natural language and issue voice commands to make purchases, place orders, check the status of orders, or check their accounts.

Chloe uses proprietary technology to automatically process customer service data and identify the policies that will guide her behavior. When support requests are received, Chloe's policy graphs and machine learning algorithms optimize outcomes to quickly resolve customer issues. If Chloe encounters a case with new information, she can learn from that experience and become smarter over time. Moreover, Chloe is available via existing CRM systems and helpdesks to help businesses retain customers and grow sales.

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