Vangard Voice Systems Partners with Excalibur Integrated Systems

Vangard Voice Systems announced the company's partnership with Excalibur Integrated Systems to offer. Using Vangard's Mobile Voice Platform (MVP), Excalibur will offer its enterprise-class customers the ability to add voice-directed data capture, navigation, and control capabilities to their existing mobile applications.
Excalibur's customers include Shaw Industries, a company that, in collaboration with Excalibur, recently adopted Vangard's MVP to optimize its existing mobile supply chain applications and business processes with high-productivity, hands-free, eyes-free voice-directed capabilities. Shaw will exploit Vangard's MVP wherever it sees opportunities to further speed product delivery, improve customer service, and reduce operational costs.
"Vangard's Mobile Voice Platform is an ideal and timely solution for complementing Excalibur's enterprise productivity mobility solutions," said, Rodger Jenkins, chief executive officer of Excalibur Integrated Systems. "MVP's device-resident approach for adding voice-productivity to existing server, web, or device-based mobile applications, enables our customers to further voice-optimize a broader base of mobile business processes."
"Particularly now, in a struggling economy, our partnership with Excalibur represents a significant business opportunity for enterprise customers to significantly impact operational costs," said Bob Bova, president and chief executive officer of Vangard Voice Systems. "The combination of Excalibur's expertise in high-impact field mobility and data collection solutions combined with our Mobile Voice Platform provides enterprise customers with new cost-efficient solutions for achieving new levels of mobile worker productivity, driving down operational costs, and protecting profit margins."

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