Wagerphone and Transfer Online Initiate Relationship

Wager Phone  is working closely with Transfer Online of Portland, Ore., to initiate a program for shareholders.

This program would aid and assist shareholders to open up an account with Transfer Online utilizing the DRS system which enables participants and qualifying transfer agents, known as limited participants, to electronically move an investor's security positions between street-name ownership and direct registration book-entry position. DRS uses similar processing as DTC's Delivery Order (DO) functions to move positions, with specific reason codes to identify the transaction as a DRS transaction

WP is focused on providing National and State Lotteries with a number of methods to purchase lottery tickets and scratch cards via the utilization of SMS, J2ME, Brew, WAP, interactive voice recognition (IVR), and online technologies.

New Wave Mobile currently has 137,000,000 restricted and 117,000,000 free trading shares for a total of 254,000,000 and the transfer agent is transfer Online of Portland Oregon. The total authorized is 260,000,000.

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