Wizzard Software Unveils New WizzTone Product for Skype's VoIP Service

PITTSBURGH - Wizzard Software plans to launch WizzTones, a software product that is enabled for Skype, a provider of free VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solutions.  WizzTones will provide Skype users a way to create, manage and use multiple ringtones for communication.  WizzTones will be available for download in January of 2006.


By downloading WizzTones, Skype users may select a favorite song, a special announcement, a celebrity ringtone, a unique sound effect or create a customized ring tone.  From these selections, users can then assign every individual on their contacts list a different sound, giving Skype users the ability to walk away from their computers but still be available to identify and take a call, or avoid an unwanted one.


WizzTones offers a number of unique ringtone functions to enhance the Skype experience.  The most prominent feature allows users to search for and assign various ringtones offered by and purchased directly from Skype, including popular ringtones and sound effects.  Users can also assign a limited number of pre-created ringtones that are included with the WizzTones software.


Another feature allows for the creation of customized "talking" alerts using Wizzard's online text-to-speech creation process.  This feature provides the ability to produce an announcement ringtone, saying anything the user desires, spoken in a computer-generated, male or female voice, in up to 10 different languages. Yet another feature allows users to create ringtones using their own microphone. 

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