Acapela Gives Mona Lisa the Say in a Paris Museum

The "Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie" in France with over three million visitors each year - has just unveiled a new attraction dedicated to "Sounds."

At the heart of 31 different animations looking at sound, Acapela opens up a dialog between Mona Lisa and the visitor.

Mona Lisa, transformed into a virtual character, calls out to the visitors, inviting them to play to a game and test their knowledge on the exhibition theme, "Voice and Hearing." The visitor can also chat with Mona Lisa, making compliments or comments, or ask questions about her.

"This interactive stand allows us to present and apply speaker independent Automatic Speech Recognition. The visitors, from kids to adults, can recap the knowledge acquired thanks to the exhibition while still playing with sound, in this case driving the interface with their own voice, with very natural interactivity. This playful stand perfectly fits in the mission of the Cité des Sciences to make cultural and technical know-how known to the general public." states Fran├žoise Vallas, manager of the Sounds exhibition, at the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie.

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