Aculab Expands Prosody X Product Line with CompactPCI Form Factor

Aculab plans to launch Prosody X CompactPCI (cPCI), an IP media processing platform and telco grade variant of the Prosody X product line that was released earlier this year.

Prosody X cPCI combines support for rich media processing resources, VoIP telephony and optional E1/T1 digital network access functions. Prosody X cPCI offers 'mix and match' modules to scale a range of applications.

The cPCI variant offers a selection of firmware algorithms that can run independently on its DSPs, as well as the option of adding a primary rate trunk module. Up to eight DSPs can be selected to run the algorithms and with each DSP capable of supporting up to 150 channels, enabling a total of 1200 channels per card. Key media processing resources include record and playback with a range of compressions, DTMF tone generation and detection, matrix conferencing, echo cancellation, fax processing and data transmission protocols. The platform enables solutions for a range of target applications, including media and signaling gateways, IP media servers and contact and call centers.

Prosody X offers VoIP application developers the following voice engine functionalities:

  1. The ability to use voice engines provided by Aculab under a cost free license. Aculab provides ASR, TTS and SVI engines. Aculab's ASR supports five language variants (British and American English, French, German and North American Spanish), its TTS engine supports seven language variants (British and American English, French, German, Italian, Latin American Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese) and its SVI engine is language independent.
  2. The second option for Prosody X developers is to use IP media processing resources available on the card in conjunction with voice engines provided by third parties, which are supported using the MRCP protocol. Additionally, Prosody X can be used with any other voice engine supporting MRCP v1 or v2, including IBM's WebSphere Voice Server.



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