Aculab Introduces VoiceXML/CCXML Interpreter Software

Aculab announced the availability of its VoiceXML/CCXML interpreter software, allowing developers of VoIP and PSTN telephony solutions to implement standards-based interfaces to a wide range of applications, including interactive voice response (IVR), voice portals, conferencing services, voicemail, unified messaging platforms, and prepaid services.

Designed to operate with a range of Aculab’s media processing and signalling platforms, the interpreter software allows seamless solutions scalability from one to thousands of channels, active call redundancy with automatic failover to ensure no active calls lost and supports for integration with third-party speech engines. The software package includes VoiceXML, and CCXML.

Aculab’s VoiceXML/CCXML interpreter operates with a full range of Prosody and Prosody X DSP-based media processing platforms. The software package supports flexible licensing on a per-channel basis.

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