Aculab Supports Microsoft Speech Server 2004 R2

MILTON KEYNES, U.K. - Aculab now supports Microsoft Speech Server (MSS) 2004 R2, which is being launched on June 1 at Microsoft's Tech Ed 2005 event.

MSS 2004 R2 offers a number of enhancements including: support for Canadian French and US Spanish (ASR, TTS, tools, server); a new Enterprise Edition Single Server Option and enhanced performance.

Solution providers who are looking to develop applications based on MSS 2004 R2 will be able to take advantage of Aculab's media processing resource card, Prosody. Additionally, Aculab's portfolio of worldwide protocols, such as Q.SIG, SS7, DPNSS, and ISDN, is included.

MSS is a platform for developing and running speech enabled applications, such as IVR. 

The integration of the Aculab TIM with the MSS 2004 R2 platform means developers can focus on creating applications using the MSS 2004 R2 application interface.

Prosody provides the media processing resources for operation of MSS 2004 R2 and offers the option of adding a primary rate trunk module (PM) for digital network connectivity.

A requirement of MSS 2004 R2 is to ensure applications can accommodate essential call scenarios.  Aculab's TIM provides access to Aculab's call control capabilities.

The digital network access capability of Aculab's Prosody card is used to connect MSS 2004 R2 to enterprise voice networks.  For solution providers who are planning to deploy their MSS 2004 R2 solution internationally, selecting Aculab for its protocol coverage presents a wealth of additional benefits and includes both E1 and T1 interface connections.

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