Aculab Teams with Cepstral

Aculab, a provider of media processing hardware and software, announced the successful integration of its enabling technology with Cepstral’s text-to-speech (TTS) engine.

Using the standards-based media resource control protocol, Cepstral’s TTS voices are now "plug-and-play" with Aculab’s line of digital signal processing boards and host media processing software. The partnership brings affordable high-quality speech to Aculab’s voice and data service offerings, including interactive voice response, automated alerts and notifications, auto-attendant, talking email, and unified messaging.

“The relationship was formed with the end-customer in mind,” said Cepstral’s CEO Craig Campbell. “Typically, hardware manufacturers and component software like TTS are at opposite ends of the telephony ecosystem.  Nonetheless, a customer will expect all the layers to work together. Careful interoperability testing ensures that our combined products can deliver the expected functionality with the greatest of ease.”

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