Aiqudo to Provide Voice Platform for Byton's Electric Vehicles

Voice technology provider Aiqudo is partnering with electric vehicle manufacturer Byton to bring its Voice AI platform to Byton cars. Aiqudo's Voice to Action platform will allow drivers to interact with their mobile phones hands-free while driving and integrate with Byton's Digital Experience.

Aiqudo's Voice AI platform will voice-enable actions in native apps within the Byton ecosystem and launch app actions on personal mobile devices in the vehicle. Byton drivers and passengers will be able to navigate, make calls, send messages, listen to music, shop, join meetings, make payments, and more using simple voice commands.

"A seamless voice experience is integral to Byton's groundbreaking user experience, and Aiqudo Voice will make accessing your favorite apps convenient and safe," said Jeff Chung, Byton's vice president of digital engineering, in a statement. "Aiqudo's white-label solution allows us to explore new possibilities with our expanding partnerships in the Byton digital ecosystem."

Aiqudo's voice platform comprises a semiotics-based intent engine that understands natural language commands in seven languages, plus an action execution capability across thousands of applications. It allows car, phone, and smart device manufacturers and mobile app developers to define unique voice experiences for their customers.

"Byton has reimagined the relationship between cars and the people who drive or ride in them, placing voice-based interactions at the center of the in-car experience. We believe that voice will soon be the primary way people interact with their digital world. We're partnering with Byton to bring a high-utility, personalized voice experience to their automobiles," said John Foster, CEO of Aiqudo, in a statement. "The in-car experience is a prime use case demonstrating the power of voice. Customers can now drive safely, undistracted and hands-free, and still use their favorite apps just by using their voice."

Aiqudo's Action Kit functionality will be offered to app developers through the Byton developer portal.

"Action Kit enables Byton app developers to easily and effortlessly enable voice within their applications for the company's range of cars and expansive infotainment systems," saidRajat Mukherjee, Aiqudo's chief technology officer, in a statement. "Byton's vision of the car of the future, equipped for autonomous driving, will accelerate the need that users have to access their personal digital lives everywhere. Aiqudo makes this easy."

BYTON cabin with Aiqudo (Photo: Business Wire)

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