Altitude Software Offers Advanced Natural Language Self-Service for Contact Centers

Altitude Software, Loquendo, and SpeechVillage, a provider of graphical tools for speech applications, announced today an expansion of their joint offering. This strategic partnership provides new solutions with next-generation natural language technology to voice-enable self-service options for a broad range of advanced contact center solutions.

These natural language technology solutions enable Altitude customers to use Altitude Voice Portal for both inbound and outbound voice interactions with customers, for a natural dialogue with virtual agents, even in noisy environments.

“We are particularly proud of this combined offering. User-friendly voice applications require expertise, technologies and tools,”, explains Miguel Lopes, executive vice president of Altitude Software. “Combined with other contact channels in Altitude uCITM, as part of a customer self-service solution, natural language technologies not only improve the user experience but also allow agents to focus on other, more value-added tasks."

The joint offering integrates the Loquendo MRCP Server, certified to work with Altitude Voice Portal. The Loquendo MRCP Server is a server-based solution for large-scale deployments of automated telephony applications integrating Loquendo multilingual speech technologies, automatic speech recognition (ASR) and text-to-speech (TTS), to give a real human touch to automated communications.

“The Altitude Voice Portal, combined with Loquendo's innovative speech technology, and SpeechVillage’s Dialogue Engine, is a time- and cost-effective solution that maintains high levels of customer satisfaction, while service productivity also improves and the contact center increases its value to the operation,“, stated Massimiliano Ferrero, EMEA director at Loquendo.

It also employs the SpeechVillage dialogue engine, which can increase the callers’ freedom to express their requests verbally at any point. This technology allows managing spontaneous voice questions and answers, making the dialogue capability of the system similar to that of a human being.

“SpeechVillage’s virtual agents talk with the user in a very natural way and in real-life conditions (noisy environment, use of hand free mobiles, etc). Our advanced dialogue engine is capable of managing complex utterances, semantic disambiguation, context switching, and natural commands offering a totally new user experience.”, said Walter Battistetti, CEO of SpeechVillage. “Altitude offers a complete contact center suite, so contact centers can rely on the best speech technology for automation but also count on transparent transfer to human agents, having the best of both worlds."

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