AppTek, Square Box, and JB&A Partner

Square Box Systems is incorporating neural network speech recognition from Application Technology (AppTek) into the CatDV platform for the creation of full transcript, time-stamped metadata.

"At Square Box, we are always innovating," said Dave Clack, CEO of Square Box Systems, in a statement. "Adding artificial intelligence capabilities to our flagship CatDV MAM platform is just the latest example. CatDV is the pioneer of cost-effective media asset management and workflow automation. As the industry makes another leap forward with machine learning, CatDV can unlock the value in these transformative technologies."

AppTek's media asset optimization technology leverages proprietary, neural network automatic speech recognition (ASR) to create full transcripts of audio and video assets. The transcripts are time stamped at the word level and matched with existing metadata taxonomies to improve internal asset discoverability as well as SEO.

"AppTek has been developing and deploying language technology for over 25 years," said Adam Sutherland, AppTek's CEO, in a statement. "Our long, successful track record coupled with the fact that we have our own proprietary ASR models for news, entertainment, telephony, and others means that the accuracy of our base models is world class. It also means that we can leverage our machine learning expertise to tailor a model for each end user. Speech recognition and other AI platforms can benefit greatly from specific model training for specific use cases. This is very difficult and often impossible for companies reselling ASR technologies."

JB&A introduced AppTek and Squarebox as part of its Channel Partner Development program. Nick Smith, JB&A's director of media technologies, added, "This is a perfect example of how we work with our network partners to bring emerging technologies into existing workflows for increased productivity, efficiency, and profit. Far beyond just the important introductions, we design the integration solutions and workflows with all the partners and very often assist in the initial deployments."

The CatDV integration is initially for English and Spanish, but AppTek's ASR is available in 14 languages.

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