AppTek Updates Talk2Me Speech App

Applications Technology (AppTek) has released the latest version of its Talk2Me speech-to-speech translation applications.

Leveraging AppTek's proprietary automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology, Talk2Me allows for instant bi-directional speech-to-speech translations in 14 languages. Currently available for free on the App Store are apps for English and Spanish as well as English and Arabic. The updated version uses AppTek’s latest real-time streaming API infrastructure for faster and more accurate translations.

"Advances in our deep neural networks modeling and API infrastructures enable real-time conversation between speakers of different languages," said Adam Sutherland, CEO of AppTek, in a statement. "We will be expanding beyond Spanish and Arabic soon."

Updates to the current applications for Android are in the pipeline.

"The Android platform is important to us both domestically and internationally. We intend to support all major mobile platforms going forward," said Jintao Jiang, AppTek's chief scientist, in a statement.

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