AppTek Launches Streaming Audio API

AppTek has launched a streaming audio application programming interface (API) for companies needing live transcription of audio streams. The API allows for instant transcription using automatic speech recognition.

"AppTek has been providing live and offline transcription for several years," stated Adam Sutherland, AppTek's CEO, in a statement. "Our Live Closed Captioning Appliance provides live transcription to newsrooms and other live venues globally, and our Media Workbench and RESTful API service deliver offline processing for multiple media and call center customers. Expanding to an instant, cloud-based API offering expands the companies and industries with whom we can partner."

Jintao Jiang, AppTek's chief scientist, worked with the technical and scientific team to adapt AppTek’s proprietary ASR technology to the live environment.

"Tailored for the mobile environment, our English, Spanish and Arabic API results are excellent. With up to 92 percent accuracy and less than 1 second response time, we are very happy with this offering, and are looking to expand the live API to the 11 other languages our ASR supports," he said in a statement.

According to Jiang, AppTek is also preparing to rollout SprintPy, which provides a flexible Python interface to the core ASR engine to allow users to create and experiment with custom workflows.

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