AppTek will bring live, fully automated Arabic closed-captioning to Sky News Arabia. This represents the first time an Arabic-language news broadcaster is providing live closed-captioning to its broadcasts.

By implementing AppTek’s fully automated captioning appliance into its existing broadcast solutions, Sky News Arabia commits to support complete access to its programming across the region.

"It is our pleasure to offer access to our award-winning content for all environments," said Dave Mace of Sky News Arabia in a statement. "By integrating AppTek's Arabic Closed Captioning solution into our workflow, we can reliably and affordably expand our audience."

"AppTek is very proud to partner with Sky News Arabia. This is a perfect example of how our automated speech recognition solutions can solve real-world business challenges for media companies and others," said Adam Sutherland, CEO of AppTek, in a statement. "Expanding access to quality content is a wonderful reward for our decades of R&D."