Artec Launches ASR with Integrated Translations

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Artec Technologies, a provider of audiovisual solutions for media monitoring, has launched an artificial intelligence-driven, multilingual speech recognition solution with integrated translation.

The XENTAURIX Media Platform enables the almost real-time reading of TV, radio, and webcast programs from all over the world in their own target language. News broadcasts and features can be followed in real time with low latency as a transcript in the desired target language. The platorm records everything so that transcribed video clips can be created and shared during or after a broadcast.

The speech-to-text application works autonomously and does not require an external service provider. With support for more than 50 source languages and up to 30 target languages, taking into account spelling and grammar rules, the XENTAURIX platorm is available as an in-house system or cloud service. It can simultaneously process from a few to thousands of channels.

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