Artificial Intelligence Enriches Lives of Elderly Patients

Making the right long-term care decision for a loved one is a challenging experience. Nearly 27 million people will need a long-term care solution by 2050, according to the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Labor. Many of these individuals experience cognitive deficits. Caregivers are often at a loss about how exactly to support patients’ cognitive training. Enter Constant Therapy, a digital speech, language, and cognitive exercise program that has been recognized by the American Stroke Association and AARP. This program allows users to conveniently access brain exercises from their phone or tablet while at home or in a healthcare facility. Today, the company is partnering with FirstLight Home Care to bring its software to non-medical caregivers for the first time.

The Boston-area digital health brand is particularly well versed with the elderly population as its median user is 64 years old. App users have completed more than 65 million brain exercises—creating one of the world’s largest health and wellness database of speech, language and cognitive exercises. 

Artificial Intelligence Helps to Standardize Elder Homecare

FirstLight Home Care facilities have become early adopters of the Constant Therapy digital platform—powered by its proprietary NeuroPerformance Engine. Constant Therapy’s real-time advanced analytics mine global user performance data, scientific research, and each patient’s performance history to automatically recommend optimal tasks for each individualand keep aging users engaged.

Non-medical caregivers can use Constant Therapy to provide clients with opportunities to practice memory, language and cognitive tasks from the convenience of a tablet or smartphone. Patients who need in-home support often struggle with dementia and cognitive declines associated with aging.

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