Artificial Solutions Releases Elbot for iOS and Android

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Artificial Solutions, a natural language interaction (NLI) specialist, last week released Elbot on iOS and Android. Showcasing Artificial Solutions' natural language conversational capabilities, including understanding of complex sentences and user sentiment, Elbot uses sarcasm and wit along with a healthy dose of irony .

Born in 2001, Elbot boasts a rather cheeky and slightly argumentative demeanor. He does like to learn things and to improve his language skills, though, and can even tell you about his favorite movies and TV shows. 

Elbot has a vast emotional repertoire represented by more than 40 images. In addition, he can take cues from the person talking to him and alter his response set to suit the circumstances.

"Knowing that they are talking to a machine induces users to behave in a predictable manner, which can make it easier to guide conversations while still allowing the users to believe they are in control," said Fred Roberts, knowledge engineer at Artificial Solutions and creator of Elbot, in a statement. "For example, Elbot will often give a wrong answer to a simple question, one that users perceive a robot should know the answer to; just try asking him 'What is two plus four?' This psychological technique enables him to engage the user in a long conversation."

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