Ashcroft Law Firm First to Adopt Encryption Technology for Voice Calls

The Ashcroft Law Firm of Kansas City this week became the first national law firm to safeguard client-related voice and data communications from being intercepted or compromised through a strategic relationship with KoolSpan, the developer of a suite of hardware-based security applications.

The Ashcroft Law Firm is using KoolSpan's patented TrustChip, a self-contained, secure, military-grade, microSD encryption engine. The hardware anchor for KoolSpan's entire suite of secure encryption applications, TrustChip also powers& security offerings for S-1, the Samsung-affiliated global leader in mobile security, and AT&T's voice encryption platform.

"In our business, advanced security is a must. Our team has worked with government leaders and corporate executives around the world to respond successfully to some of the most serious security threats, financial crises and litigation challenges of the past two decades," said Lori Sharpe Day, a managing partner at the Ashcroft Law Firm, in a statement. "Operating with the highest level of integrity is a core principle of everything we do. As digital communications become ubiquitous, this increasingly includes the integrity of the information entrusted to us by our clients, and the work we do on their behalf via voice and data communications."

"Encryption has long been used to protect the information of generals, diplomats and governments. Today, the same cybersecurity threats of unauthorized interception and hacking of voice and data threaten a myriad of organizations," said Gregg Smith, CEO of KoolSpan, in a statement. "Recent news about increasing threats and privacy breaches, including domestic revelations that the National Security Agency (NSA) is collecting information about individuals' communications, have left Americans hyper-aware of the prominence and potential impact of phone and data hacking. Industry leaders like the Ashcroft Law Firm are moving the needle forward by implementing proactive measures to protect their client's confidentiality."

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