Atos Origin Teams with Kirusa

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND - Atos Origin and Kirusa are partnering to develop the European market for multimodal applications. The two groups will join their marketing efforts and demonstrate their multimodality solutions that for usability of wireless applications. Multimodal applications allow wireless phone and PDA users to have simpler access to information and services by speaking a command or using visual inputs such as typing or tapping with a stylus. The results are then delivered visually on the wireless device screen, by voice, or through innovative combinations of both voice and visual modes. The input and output methods are controlled by the individual user. Atos Origin and Kirusa will jointly market and sell multimodal solutions in several European countries. The Kirusa solution was deployed at Atos Origin offices in France, and sample applications were built by Atos Origin. The agreement allows Atos Origin to build, market and sell multimodal applications, based on Kirusa's multimodal technologies. "Atos Origin has a strong local presence in key European markets and already demonstrated technical capability in building voice, mobile, and multimodal applications," said Inderpal Singh Mumick, CEO and founder of Kirusa. "Enterprises and service providers in Europe will benefit from Atos Origin's ability to create and deliver revenue-generating and cost-saving multimodal applications." "Atos Origin is committed to deliver state-of-the-art and efficient technologies to serve its clients' uses and projects," said Michel-Ange Camhi, R&D manager in charge of new voice technologies at Atos Origin. "Multimodal applications leverage on our experience of both voice and Web services to build the most easy-to-use and efficient interfaces. Kirusa, through their unique and innovative technologies and software, is one of the major players enabling the development of these new applications."
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