Audiopoint Launches Intelligent Alert System to Customers Including EarthLink

ROCKVILLE, Md. - Audiopoint launched 'Intelligent Alert' system, an upgraded version of its Voice Terminal 4.0 platform with its patent pending Notifier™ technology.  This upgrade integrates traditional text email platforms with the mobility of any phone, allowing users to receive important messages anywhere and respond to them through voice.  The service will be available to the public on March 20, 2005.

Notifier™ provides interactivity and allows users to respond to time sensitive email alerts as if they were sitting at their computers.  Whether composing or responding to a Notifier™ alert, users are connected via password authentication and logged-in to their email environment allowing them to compose a new email message or specify which messages - by specific email address, subject line keyword or domain - they want forwarded to their phones, and then reply, forward or delete each individual notification. When Notifier™ successfully delivers the message to the recipient; the system automatically notifies the sender.

"Audiopoint has allowed us to offer an advanced level of email and phone integrated service to our customers that is not currently available from any other ISP," said Tom Andrus, EarthLink's vice president of products and services.  EarthLink has deployed a version of Notifier™ to its customers via its Email-by-Phone service.

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