Aupeo Partners with Triton to Deliver Messages to Drivers

Panasonic subsidiary Aupeo is collaborating with Triton Digital to pair Panasonic OneConnect with Triton Digital's advertising platform, Tap OnDemand, to insert targeted ads into the personalized audio messages delivered within the Personal Radio by AUPEO! content delivery service.

This integration enables car manufacturers and their brand partners to provide drivers with personalized audio messages to support an array of driving and mobility use cases.

"Panasonic turned to Triton's Tap OnDemand advertising platform because of its flexible and robust targeting capabilities," said David Taylor, director of connected services at Panasonic Automotive Systems of America and CEO of Aupeo, in a statement. "We share a common vision and see the automobile as the next major device in the Internet of Things. Together, we want to uniquely position car manufacturers and their brand partners as we transition to a new era of mobility-based transportation."

"We are thrilled to collaborate with OneConnect by Panasonic to provide an engaging and relevant in-car listening experience," said Neal Schore, CEO of Triton Digital, in a statement. "The opportunity to inform, engage, and entertain through the dashboard is growing, and we are proud to support Panasonic and Aupeo in leading that charge."

The Panasonic-Triton collaboration enables manufacturers to communicate brand messages, service promotions, and other customized content directly to drivers. The OneConnect platform can communicate vehicle operational status in an audio format and then enable follow-up actions, such as dialing a phone number or setting a destination or reminder. The driver can take these actions with a single click or simple voice commands.

Based on driver interaction with the system, the OneConnect platform can also trigger messages based on location, vehicle status, or type. For example, a message could be sent to all drivers with a specific software version to initiate an update, or to all vehicles within 50 miles of a dealer that have an active check engine light to offer a service discount. The platform also reports successful message playback and follow through action metrics.

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