Auraya Launches ArmorVox Speaker Identity System

Voice authentication solutions provider Auraya Systems today rolled out the ArmorVox Speaker Identity System, a voice biometric software product configurable for cloud, customer-provided equipment, or hosted authentication services.

ArmorVox can be used in an interactive voice response (IVR) system to verify caller identity and provide voice biometric verification of the caller’s identity. For example, in telephone banking services, it authenticates before allowing access to banking transactions. In contact centers, it authenticates identity ahead of passing the caller through to the call center agent, eliminating the need for the agent to ask personal identity questions. In help desk application, ArmorVox authenticates identity before resetting PINs and passwords.

ArmorVox evolved from government services and telecommunications research and development projects conducted by Clive Summerfield, CEO and founder of Auraya Systems.

The company says ArmorVox is the only product to fuse text-independent and text-dependent voice verification, which allows IVR system developers and call-center solutions providers to implement richer and more flexible biometric services.

Summerfield says he found that neither text-dependent nor text-independent technology alone delivered appropriate levels of security.

"However, combining the two, you can achieve the desired result," Summerfield says. "Until now, implementing such solutions has been prohibitively expensive. But the release of ArmorVox changes all that, enabling partners to implement secure, cost-effective. and easy-to-configure solutions for homeland security, banks, healthcare, IT help desks, telecommunications carriers. and others."

ArmorVox does not rely on speech recognition, which enables it to be used with any traditional touch-tone applications (non-speech recognition).

"We don't create the speech recognition piece. Integrators can use any speech application, and it can be also be used as a stand-alone application," Summerfield says.

ArmorVox includes language-independent operation with built-in tuners that allow partners to automatically tune and optimize ArmorVox for the language, accent, and dialect spoken by the population of enrolled speakers.

The solution also features ImpostorMap, a technology that uses an advanced algorithm to profile the security performance of the voice biometrics system and for each voiceprint enrolled in the database.

ArmorVox also includes Speaker Adaptive Thresholds, which enable partners to tune acceptance and rejection thresholds optimized for each speaker's voiceprint. Another feature, Voice QA, provides high-quality voice samples for both enrollment and verification, minimizing security vulnerabilities in the voice print database.

Available as a secure download for authorized partners, ArmorVox can be used on Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems. ArmorVox supports multi-threaded operation for high throughput applications. ArmorVox can be integrated with telephony and voice systems through a Web services application programming interface (API). Partners include Voxeo, the NSC Group in Australia, and Canadian firm Voice Innovate.

Licensing models for end users and systems integrators include SaaS Subscription, perpetual license, site license, OEM, and developer starter kit. Deployment can be done in-house or in the cloud. Introductory ArmorVox prices start at $20,000 for subscription or enterprise license. For a commercial perpetual license that includes unlimited voice print enrollments, pricing is $60,000

"ArmorVox provides a comprehensive feature set for about one-third the price of what exists on the market at the moment," Summerfield says. "It makes a real statement about the commercial viability of voice biometrics systems, and we believe this provides integrators and partners with a much better alternative to what are currently available in voice biometrics systems."

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