Autonomy Unveils Rich Media Management Platform

Autonomy today unveiled NewSocial 24x7 and MultiMedia Broadcast Monitoring solutions, the world's first format- and language-agnostic media monitoring and analytics solutions. A new release of Virage MediaBin 8 has also been added to the Rich Media Management platform.

Powered by Autonomy's meaning-based computing platform, IDOL, Autonomy's NewSocial 24x7 and MultiMedia Broadcast Monitoring solutions provide in-depth, real-time media monitoring and analytics capabilities for all text, rich media voice, and voice sources including print, online, blogs, social media, and broadcast news.

Autonomy's MultiMedia Broadcast Monitoring solution leverages IDOL's capabilities to automatically monitor in real-time everything from election campaigns to brand and product launches, enabling broadcasters to scan dozens of news and video feeds in any format or language for items of interest, such as breaking news. With the proliferation of video content, marketers can also benefit as the solution automatically understands customer sentiment in videos, which can be plugged back into product development. Autonomy's NewSocial 24x7 solution also enables marketers to gain a real-time conceptual understanding of customer commentary on social media channels, allowing campaigns to be adjusted quickly.

"Every day, organizations are exploring new ways to integrate digital assets and video into their Web, online advertising, and social media campaigns," said Gerard Brossard, CEO of Autonomy Rich Media Management, in a statement. "However, to do so effectively, they require a solution that can automatically match the right asset with the right customer, in real time. Autonomy delivers the industry's only rich media platform that combines rich media management, Web content management, conceptual understanding of all assets, as well as advanced social media and broadcast analytics, to deliver a powerful user experience across all channels. Likewise, never before has there been an opportunity for marketers to leverage customer insights on social channels on this scale, which can be used to immediately adjust campaigns or feed into product innovation and development, enabling organizations to be more competitive."

Virage MediaBin 8, which also leverages IDOL technology, automatically forms a conceptual understanding of all rich media assets located in any internal or external repository, including images, audio, and video files. Organizations can use the solution to quickly identify and leverage the most relevant human information for use in Web, video, print, social media, online advertising, and mobile campaigns.

With Virage MediaBin, organizations can automatically tag and classify rich media assets, regardless of format or language, alleviating a significant time and resource burden, and eliminating human error. The solution applies this intelligence to deliver advanced analytics, automatic categorization, summarization, concept clouds, dynamic content associations, content hyper-linking, and automation of business processes and workflow. It also combines  search, deep video and audio analytics, and digital asset management to transform the user's experience with scalability to meet the exponential growth of rich media and global market demands, and automatically converts the spoken word within a video to text and time synchronizes with a streaming preview of the content.

Using the latest technology in RIA user interface design, Virage MediaBin provides customers with a modern and fluid rich media management experience for content ranging from video and audio files, to PowerPoint presentations, PhotoShop files, PDFs, digital photos, and other graphic file and image formats used widely in most organizations today.

In addition, the HP Digital Library solutions leverage Virage MediaBin to deliver advanced capabilities, including facial and pattern recognition and logo detection. This allows HP clients to capture, maintain, manage, and make available on-demand content from multiple media types and sources.

"To capture the value of digital content and IP assets, our clients need an instantaneous digital delivery platform," said Howard Hughes, senior vice president of information management and analytics and head of the U.K. public sector business at HP Enterprise Services, in the statement. "The Virage MediaBin is a critical component of the HP Digital Library, as it is the only rich media management solution available in the market today that understands the meaning of all rich media assets."

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