Avaya Delivers Management Solutions for Enterprise IP Telephony Networks

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. - Avaya Inc. announced the availability of remote services that enable businesses to monitor and manage their converged Internet protocol telephony networks - in which voice and data share the same network infrastructure - without disrupting voice service.  

The new service, which was designed by Avaya Global Services, provides enterprises with a way to manage their IP telephony networks in real time.

Avaya Remote Managed Services for IP Telephony is a software-based service that monitors the relationship between voice and data IP applications, as well as their shared physical network infrastructure.  With this service, businesses can detect performance issues at their source, before they can affect network operation. 

The new Avaya solution monitors converged networks by measuring capacity, performance and other key metrics of a healthy network.  It uses techniques to analyze the root cause of problems, such as high latency, and uses Avaya software to fix them.   

"You can't manage voice and data communications through the rear view mirror anymore," said Eric Goodness, principal analyst, Gartner.  "Today's IP communications are more robust and more integrated with vertical applications.  Proactive management is the missing link to accelerating adoption rates of IP communications."

Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology in Ontario integrated the Avaya Remote Managed Services for IP Telephony. Centennial has an Avaya IP network that includes Avaya media servers and gateways, MultiVantage™ Communications Applications, an Avaya Call Management System and Avaya wireless access points.  The network, which connects more than 42,000 students and four main campuses, provides the school's main voice communications and supports a call center that handles inquiries for admissions, registration and financial aid.  

Centennial's IT department worked with Avaya Global Services to implement a remote management system for the college's voice and data network.  Because Centennial was able to get the latest remote management tools without having to invest in infrastructure, it eliminated its communications-related capital expense and reduced its total cost of ownership, while enabling 24/7 network reliability. 

"Communications is at the heart of our ability to function as an institution of higher learning," said Lan Nguyen, Centennial's CIO and top officer for IT innovation and partnerships.  "With our e-learning initiative, enabling our student population to learn wherever and whenever they choose, and our new Science and Technology Centre, with wall to wall wireless access for students and faculty, we must be sure our network is performing at top levels.  We expect that Avaya Remote Managed Services for IP telephony will enable us to reach that goal and make sure that we provide excellent service to our students and faculty."

Avaya Global Services is currently demonstrating the new solution to channel partners and customers in cities throughout North America, with a dozen cities on the schedule, including:

Hartford, Conn. - February 7           Washington, D.C. - February 17-18
Boston - February 8-9                   Atlanta - February 21-22
New York - February 10-11             Dallas - February 24-25
New Jersey - February 14-16          San Diego - March 1

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