Aware Introduces Knomi Biometrics Solution

Aware, a provider of biometrics software, has introduced Knomi, a mobile biometric authentication framework.

Aware's Knomi offers biometric software development kits that work on mobile devices and servers to enable password-free multifactor authentication. Several biometric modality options are available, including voice recognition, face recognition, and a fusion of keystroke dynamics and face recognition applied simultaneously. Aware's biometric algorithms also offer passive and interactive liveness detection to prevent spoof attacks. Voice recognition is the latest modality supported in Aware's Nexa family of biometric matching SDKs, joining fingerprint, face, and iris.

Knomi components can be selected a la carte to implement on a server-centric architecture with centralized matching and template storage or with secure storage and matching on mobile devices.

"Knomi enables an extraordinary degree of flexibility for CISOs and users alike, with a variety of biometric modalities and architectures supported," said David Benini, vice president of marketing and product at Aware, in a statement. "With its rigorous liveness detection mechanisms and innovative fusion of multiple factors, Knomi makes password-free authentication possible from just about any device or network without sacrificing security for convenience."

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