Aware Introduces Voice Enhancements with Knomi 2.11

Aware, a provider of biometrics software and services, has enhanced the voice authentication and speaker recognition capability within its Knomi offering with the release of version 2.11. Earlier this year, Aware combined facial recognition with speaker recognition in its Knomi 2.6 offering, taking the platform from one capability to a dual authentication capability.

Knomi is a mobile biometric authentication framework that applies a variety of biometric algorithms to enable mobile enrollment, onboarding, and passwordless authentication. Its web services and mobile device SDKs work together to perform biometric capture, seamless liveness detection, and matching for face and voice.

The release of Knomi 2.11 capitalizes on Knomi's ability to detect liveness for face and voice and elevates the performance of the dual-authentication capability of Knomi 2.6.

"We are excited to build on this unique product that combines the power of face and speaker recognition to provide a strong, secure and easy to use passwordless solution to meet our customers' needs," said Rob Mungovan, Aware's chief commercial officer, in a statement. "Managing digital identities without compromising privacy or user experience is key commitment of ours, and these voice enhancements to Knomi helps us to deliver on these promises, especially in today's evolving threat landscape."

Marquis Software, a provider of criminal offender management, has begun using Aware's Knomi in the authentication of offenders in Arkansas. Through Marquis' solution, more than 10,000 offender identities have been authenticated with Aware's Knomi mobile biometric authentication solution featuring face and voice liveness detection.

When offenders check in with their parole or probation officers online, Knomi enables multifactor authentication with mobile biometrics. Tthe offender can use a smart phone to also confirm location.

"We are delighted to be using Aware's solution within our eOMIS offering," said Ben Harrell, director of sales and marketing at Marquis Software, in a statement.. "In our InTouch mobile application, we must have the highest possible security to ensure that the person checking in as the offender is, in fact, the offender. The ability for Knomi to give us separate scores for face and voice recognition, and a fused score combining the two, gives us that peace of mind. Additionally, COVID-19 has limited the capability for in-person transactions, but Knomi has enabled us to transition from a previously required in-person enrollment, and transform to a trusted, non-proctored mobile enrollment capability."

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